A captivating exploration of how love and disability can interact with one another.
— Rebecca Frost, The Queen's University Journal
Wachter’s score is note-perfect throughout.
— Mark Blackmon, One Last Word

In the autumn of 2015, director Andrew Keenan-Bolger and writer Adam Wachter united to create a short film called "Sign." They enlisted the help of a diverse team of hearing and deaf actors, designers, musicians, and interpreters to explore the intersectionality between Gay and Deaf cultures in a 15-minute silent film. Shot with an initial budget of $0, the short premiered in Los Angeles's prestigious OutFest LGBT Film Festival in 2016 and went on to screen in over fifty film festivals worldwide, winning several major awards and earning praise from critics and audiences along the way.

The film is now available for viewing online and is also distributed on DVD by Peccadillo Pictures in the UK as part of its "Boys on Film" collection.

Learn more about "Sign" on its official website by clicking here.

Still from "Sign"