Adam Wachter photo by Scott Bixby


Original Songs

Standalone Songs

Songs from Any Minute Now

Songs from Tarrytown

Songs from "The Battery's Down"




The score to "Sign," a 15-minute silent film, helped tell the story and anchor it emotionally, garnering awards at film festivals around the world


"On Lincoln Square" is a pas de deux ballet piece


"Mime Time" is a fun music cue from the film "Are You Joking?" directed by Jake Wilson


Another cue from "Are You Joking?"


Adam composed the theme to this wildly popular web series by Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Kate Wetherhead


"The Platt-Turners" is a pilot by Jake Wilson telling multiple stories simultaneously of a family with a lot of secrets

Arrangements & Orchestrations

"Making It" was a reality pilot for MTV following the lives of several up-and-coming performers in New York City. Adam arranged and produced the closing number by Coldplay using several songs and voices heard in the episode.


A live recording of the Chicago cast of the hit show "Old Jews Telling Jokes," featuring arrangements, orchestrations, and music direction by Adam.